Digging Deeper: Immigration

When it comes to illegal immigrants the answer is simple. They are breaking the law just by being here. They should turn themselves in for deportation or they need to be arrested and sent home. End of discussion?


Well maybe. Because if any of us have ever driven 36 mph in a 35 mph zone we broke the law. We should voluntarily send in the fines. For each occurrence. Or be sent to jail. And for every time we have driven even 10 feet without our seatbelt. Send in the fine. Or have driven on the shoulder to go around a wreck or make a right turn. Send in the fine.


You think I’m nitpicking? I’m just getting warmed up!


Ever photocopy a page in a book or music for your choir? What kind of mattress do you want in your cell because YOU BROKE THE LAW!


Did you ever get paid for anything in cash? Of course you told the IRS. No? Well, today’s fashionable criminals will be wearing orange. Hope you like it.


And I am sure that you have never peddled your bicycle through a stop sign or ignored other traffic laws while on your bike. But if you did, maybe you can get off with two years of community service.


The fact is, we see our laws the same way we see our sins, that is: the sinner who succumbs to the offense we would never consider is undoubtedly much worse than the person that falls to the same temptations we have. But to be sure, there is a huge difference between all these laws that we break everyday and the one broken by the illegal immigrant sneaking into the country.


When WE break these laws it is because we are busy or we are frustrated or we just don’t think they should apply to us at whatever point in our lives we decide to break them because. Well dammit, our convenience or enjoyment is just more important than some silly law. But when THEY break the law by coming across the Texas border, they have risked years of combined family savings to pay someone (that may or may not harm them) to possibly sneak them into a country, because they want to work any job at any pay.


They hope for any job at any pay. A job we all want done, but can’t even get our own kids to do at any price. They do this so they might have just a chance to break out of the poverty that has strangled their family for generations. (Not like us, not because it was simply inconvenient at the time or they were in a hurry.) And then these “grubby little illegals" have the audacity to actually pay the same taxes into our great state of Texas at the exact same rate that you and I, our Governor, our Lt. Governor, and our present State Representative pay. 


I know this is a surprise to many but it is a plain, simple, verifiable fact!


We need a realistic discussion about border control and immigration. But we also need a bit of realism and recognition of facts apart from any radical hyperbole.


So let’s start with this.  Let’s beef up our border to stop illegal entries. But let’s allow those that are already here and part of the fabric of our great state to continue to work under temporary status. After 2-3 years of additional productivity benefitting our society, and not living off the system, let’s allow the process for citizenship to begin.