Digging Deeper: Education

As I have driven through our subdivisions for over 37 years in my business I have discovered one, undisputed truth – you will NEVER find great communities with BAD schools. It just doesn’t happen. 


Every realtor knows that great public schools are necessary for thriving communities which hold their property values. And if we want successful businesses, we need the presence of wonderful neighborhoods.  Of course if the proliferation of pawn shops and payday loan businesses is your idea of an attractive business climate maybe the school system is not important. But I have a feeling you agree with me in thinking fine restaurants, shopping, skilled trades and professional services are more like the type of businesses we wish to see in our neighborhoods.


So it is easy to see how important the public schools system is not only to our children, but also to anyone that wants to own a home or run a business. They simply cannot be separated!

My experience in running a successful business is based on how families live in our community and understanding the type of environment they wish to enjoy. Along with my extended family of 8 kids and 14 grandchildren, these experiences allow me to see and understand the dreams of most that live in this area. Whether a fairly wealthy client enjoying the results of a lifetime of work and sacrifice or an employee starting out at $12-15/hour, their dreams are the same: safe and secure homes and neighborhoods along with better opportunity for themselves and families. And the foundation for these dreams lie in our public schools. 

It is this understanding that I will bring to Austin to craft legislation that benefits the families of the Spring/Klein and Tomball areas. Unlike others, I am not bought and paid for by Special Interest Lobbyist.  I am running for our children and grandchildren. 

 I think it is time to quit voting by labels and strict party affiliation and time to vote for the person and policy that makes sense to you as a real person living here in our community.